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New York Democrats Crack Asian Neighborhoods in Queens to Save Incumbents

Blockbuster growth in the city's Asian communities prevented New York from losing a second congressional district in 2020. But the state's Democratic leadership isn't feeling especially grateful.

Matthew Thomas Feb 3, 2022

The results of the 2020 census showed that the population of New York City increased by 7.7 percent over the last decade, driven in large part by growth in the city’s Asian immigrant communities. This trend was especially pronounced in Queens, where the number of Asian residents surged to more than 700,000, and now accounts for over a quarter of the borough’s population. For the first time ever, whites are no longer the largest racial group, having been eclipsed by both Asians and Hispanics. Unsurprisingly, Queens was also the site of important milestones in Asian political representation during this period.

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