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AWA Hosted Paul Graziano to Present Mayor's Adams' City of Yes

On Thursday, February 15, Asian Wave Alliance hosted urban planner and land use expert, Paul Graziano, to educate us about Mayor Eric Adam's City of Yes proposal. This proposal will negatively impact our communities in northeast Queens and south Brooklyn.

From Paul Graziano:

This year, Mayor Adams and the Department of City Planning’s “City of Yes” – a

set of proposals meant to increase development exponentially – are purposefully

targeting lower-density areas in order to “free up” our real estate. Some examples:

- Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) would be allowed on all 1 and 2-family

properties, including basement/cellar, attic & garage conversions, and new houses

up to 800 square feet in backyards.

- Transit Oriented Development (TODs) mapped in large parts of R1 through R5

residential zones, targeting 1 and 2-family areas & allowing large apartment

buildings on all wide streets and corner properties.

- “Town Center” Zoning mapped on all commercial overlays in R1 through R5

zones for high-density apartment complexes on top of street-level retail.

- Basic Zoning Framework changes that would make all buildings larger, denser

& taller while cutting back lot sizes, yard setbacks & green space.

- Parking Requirements for all new residential development would be eliminated.

- All properties on every residential block within 100’ of a corner would be allowed

to have commercial/retail/storefront/office up to 2500 square feet.

- Primary residences would be allowed to have a broad variety of commercial uses

applied to 49% of the unit, no maximum square footage and up to 3 employees.

- Manufacturing and “life sciences” would be permitted on all commercial strips; the

expansion of “nightlife” throughout the city; and allow commercial development to

routinely double in size with a simple permitting process in all neighborhoods.

These changes – and many more – will not foster positive change in our

neighborhoods. Instead, it will deregulate our entire land use process and

allow high-density residential and commercial development everywhere.


What you can do?

  1. Call and email you City Council Member and tell them to vote NO.

  2. Donate to the Queens Civic Congress for the work Paul and the Congress is doing.

As a non-profit organization, in order to cover the costs associated with hiring a land use expert as well as other actions that we believe we will have to take if we are to win this battle, the Queens Civic Congress is reaching out to our member associations as well as other allied organizations to help fund this endeavor. Our initial ask is for $500 from each association; however, contributions of any amount are welcome. In addition, individual contributions are always appreciated.

Please make out your check to Queens Civic Congress, put “Adams City of Yes/Hochul Housing” in the memo line, and mail to:

Queens Civic Congress

P.O. Box 604957

Bayside, NY 11360

Say NO to City of Yes - One pager back and front
Download PDF • 1.26MB

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