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Asian Wave Alliance Testified to Oppose the City of Yes Economic Opportunity Package

April 8, 2024 (New York, NY) — Asian Wave Alliance testified today to oppose the City of Yes Economic Opportunity Package. Below is AWA’s submitted testimony.

My name is Yiatin Chu and I am president of Asian Wave Alliance. Our organization represents the interests of thousands of residents, property owners and voters in Queens and Brooklyn.

The City of Yes for Economic Opportunity package of 18 proposals will have irrevocable adverse effects on our neighborhood if it becomes law. We are not alone. Two-thirds of the Community Boards across the city OPPOSE the City of Yes.

We are outraged at what is being proposed for our neighborhoods. We don’t need – or want – every corner on every residential block to potentially have 2,500 square feet of commercial or office development. (Proposal #16), and we certainly don’t want EVERY residential unit in the city – apartment or private house to become a business with up to 3 employees (Proposal #11). Why do we need this when there are existing vacant storefronts which could be prioritized.

We already have huge problems in the residential areas of Bayside, Flushing, Bensonhurst and Gravesend with the lack of street parking for residents and visitors. Bringing more businesses into these areas would be irresponsible and shortsighted. The congestion and infrastructure demands in these less dense suburban areas cannot be supported without major investments in sewer lines, electrical capacity, roadwork, schools and more.

Many in our community bought their American dream in these neighborhoods for tranquility, great schools, and a quality of life away from the hustle and bustle including traffic congestion and noise of commercial areas. The City of Yes would bring all that to our front doors.

We are a city made up of hundreds of unique neighborhoods, but the City of Yes is a package of “one size fits all” proposals that would bulldoze over our diverse communities and cultural centers throughout the city if it is allowed to proceed by the City Council. Each neighborhood and community should be respected for our unique composition and concerns and not gentrified in favor of developers’ interests.

Asian Wave Alliance opposes the City of Yes for Economic Opportunity. We urge the City Council to reject the entirety of this harmful package of proposals from Mayor Adams.


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