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There is no "red wave" in the city council election in the Chinese district


In this regard, Yiatin Chu, co-founder of the Asian political club Asia Chao Alliance, said that the Chinese have been dissatisfied with the policies of the extreme Democratic Party in recent years, and the power of voting has achieved obvious results. Even the views of Democratic politicians or candidates have become more consistent. Staying in the middle and staying away from the extreme left is a major contribution of the Chinese to New York City politics. But in the final analysis, Chinese voters are still a group that values ​​issues rather than parties. For example, Susan Zhunag in District 43 and Sandra Ung in District 20 are both Democratic candidates, but they share the same ideas with Chinese people on issues such as education and public security, so they have received support from a large number of Chinese voters. "This is the right direction. We should transcend the restrictions of party or ethnic identity and determine the direction of votes based on our stance and concepts," Yiatin Chu said.

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