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Asian Americans’ Political Strength and Alliances Face Test in New York

Whether they stick with Democrats or continue their shift to the right, Asian American voters will help decide competitive races on Nov. 7.

"Hate crimes against Asian Americans is one those issues. A protest on Monday about a 13-year-old Asian teen who was beaten by an adult drew both Mr. Chow and John Liu, a center-left Democratic state senator and the first Asian American elected to citywide office.

Both Mr. Liu and Mr. Chow called for criminal charges against the teen’s father to be dropped because he was acting in self-defense.

“Incidents like that make people aware in terms of the importance of local elected officials,” said Yiatin Chu, president of the Asian Wave Alliance, which co-sponsored the protest. “What are they saying? How are they helping us navigate these things?”

The protest was one of many recent examples of how Asian Americans are pushing elected Democrats to take their concerns more seriously."

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