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Party Primaries in Brooklyn Race for New City Council ‘Asian Opportunity’ District...

Come Down to the Wire

"All five candidates are running on similar platforms, which has made the race competitive and captured voter attention, said Yiatin Chu, president of the Asian Wave Alliance (AWA), an advocacy organization dedicated to supporting Asian-Americans in New York.

“The fact that districts like 43 have candidates that are making more people engaged and interested in elections is a really good thing,” Yiatin Chu said in a phone interview. “It’s a long game in terms of getting the Asian community to pay attention, to get engaged, to be registered, to go vote. Districts and races like this are what we need more of.”

Overall, public safety and education remain the two top concerns for District 43 voters, she said. Because of the similarities in policy proposals, voters will also have to weigh how effectively they believe candidates could advocate for their positions once elected to the Council, she added."

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