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NYC’s Migrant Crisis Roils ‘Brooklyn’s Chinatown’ Ahead of Fall Elections

“It’s the number one thing that is front and center for voters as we’re heading to poll sites,” said Yiatin Chu, president of the Asian Wave Alliance, a nonpartisan political club in the city.

Frustrations over the migrant issue were recently on display in Brooklyn’s Sunset Park, a longtime gathering spot for neighborhood residents, many of whom are of Chinese origin. Some say the city’s placement of an emergency shelter for migrants here early last month has changed the nature of the park. ... Both candidates for City Council of the new district showed up at Sunset Park rallies. Ying Tan, the Republican candidate, said as a first-generation immigrant herself, she’s not against immigration per se, but that the border needs to be closed; resources are already strained to accommodate migrants who are here.

Susan Zhuang, the Democratic candidate, also opposed using neighborhood spaces to “make up for federal failures,” according to her tweet. Nearly 500 people signed a petition for Adams started by Zhuang to move the shelter out of the park."

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