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Chinese Voters in New York Tack Right, Posing a Challenge for Both Parties

By Rong Xiaoqing

"Chinese parents formed their own rights organizations and political clubs, held voter registration events, and endorsed and campaigned for candidates they deemed to represent Asian values. In the mayoral election in 2021, the Republican candidate Curtis Sliwa, although losing by 40 percentage points citywide, won in many Asian districts by large margins. Those gains were repeated a year later in the gubernatorial election. In Chang’s district, Both Sliwa and Zeldin won more than 60% of the vote.


People from both sides of the political aisle seem to agree with that sentiment. Yiatin Chu, a pro-SHSAT parent turned-activist who co-founded the political club Asian Wave Alliance, has supported many Republican candidates. Now, she works part time in the office of Republican assemblyman Chang’ but remains a registered Democrat. She said the views of the Chinese community haven’t changed, whether it is about meritocracy or public safety, but Chinese voters are more aware of candidates’ positions on issues and have a better understanding of how to use their ballots to get the policies they want. “I don’t think it’s us moving. It’s the other way around,” Chu said.

That may mean harder work for politicians, during campaign season and beyond. “Will Chinese voters go right or left from here? It depends on how the two parties will try to win us over,” said Fei, the blogger."

選出首位共和黨州議員 華人選民真的「向右轉」了嗎?



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