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This shelter is the last thing Chinatown needs

That in part has fueled anger at the city for seeking to add one more homeless shelter — this one a “low-threshold” shelter combining 94 rooms and 50 “drop-in chairs” where no one will be checked for drugs or weapons. The proposed Housing Works shelter in a Best Western Hotel at 231 Grand St. at the corner of the Bowery was sprung on the community with virtually no consultation, and would add one more shelter to a neighborhood so burdened by comparable facilities as to make a mockery of the city’s alleged commitment to fair-share distribution.

Within a half-mile radius of the proposed shelter, there are already six such facilities, with four more in the pipeline. There are six methadone clinics within the same radius. And there are six daycares or schools within 1,000 feet of the proposed facility, including a day care center across Grand St.

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