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The Asian-American Landlord Movement

Democratic politicians ignore this growing entrepreneurial constituency at their peril.

"Yiatin Chu, president of a nonpartisan political club in New York called Asian Wave Alliance (AWA), suggested in a tweet earlier this month that the Democratic state senator’s worries about Good Cause Eviction are well-founded: “I urge you to pull this awful bill that hurts New Yorkers like me. We are earnest small landlords who take care of our tenants, have expenses and mortgages to pay, and contribute to housing people fairly. If this gets passed, I will pull out of NYC.” AWA endorsed both Zeldin and Chang in the last election.

Today, Asian Americans make up 14 percent of Gotham’s population, making them the city’s fastest-growing group of eligible voters. “Asian votes, especially in competitive districts,” AWA notes on its website, “can impact the outcomes of elections and send the message to [elected officials] that our community matters.” Democratic policy aimed at punishing property-holders and landlords will drive this vote away."

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