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Stop Gov Hochul and NYS Legislators from Upzoning and Destroying NY Communities




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Zhu Yating, chairman of Yachao Meng, made a speech, saying that the governor's attempt to increase housing by changing land zoning is a "practice of usurping local power." She, who lived in Queens since she was a child, said that the area is already very crowded and it is difficult to find a parking space. Whether new housing, public schools and infrastructure can support the increased population also needs to be considered. "

She added that it remains an open question whether the plan will make New York housing "more affordable," but that it won't ease the housing problem if real estate developers take the opportunity to build luxury homes for profit.

Zhu Yating said that housing prices have their own market rules. Because of good school districts and good environment, Queens and many areas of Long Island have high housing prices, and people pay high housing prices for a good environment. If it is forced to change through administrative orders, "this is not right Fair".

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