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State pols strike deal with Hochul to open 14 new charter schools in NYC

"Gov. Kathy Hochul and legislative leaders have reached a tentative budget deal to allow just 14 new charter schools to open in New York City, following a grueling political fight with anti-charter teachers’ unions and their allies in the Legislature, sources told The Post.

Under the deal, the state would pick up the millions of dollars in rental costs for charters that lease space in a private facility, providing relief to Mayor Eric Adams and the c ity treasury saddled with the massive costs of housing migrants.

Sources close to negotiations said there was one string attached: None of the 14 new charters could be located in a city school district where at least 55 percent of students are already enrolled in the publicly-funded, privately managed schools."

We hope our rally and persistent advocacy contributed to the modest win of allowing 14 charters to open NYC.

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