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Clean Slate Act: dangerous


We agree that people make mistakes and one-time, low-level offenses such as shoplifting or traffic violations should not haunt someone for life. However, we also know that many serious crimes often get plea-bargained to lower offenses. In this bill, all misdemeanors and felonies with the exception of murder, manslaughter and sex crimes would be expunged. While we are sympathetic to the intent of the bill, we oppose the broad allowance given to repeat offenders of violent crimes, and handcuffing law enforcement in solving crimes. Criminal justice reforms should not be at the expense of residents, landlords, employers and crime victims.

We urge NY legislators to oppose the Clean Slate Act.

Yiatin Chu

Whitestone Yi Fang Chen Brooklyn Phil Wong Elmhurst

The writers are president, first vice president and co-founder, respectively, of the Asian Wave Alliance, a political group focused on the downstate New York Asian American community.

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