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Chinese Landlords Say ‘Good Cause’ Eviction Would Ruin Them — and That Democrats Don’t Get It

In NYC, where a majority of Chinese households own a home, landlord protests have ignited on WeChat and the courthouse steps.

"A Democrat who switched to the Republican Party a few years ago, Ma hasn’t decided his party line yet. But he is certain on one thing: “I will run to eradicate professional tenancy,” Ma said.

Zhao, the home attendant in Sunset Park, has to wait for three years to become a naturalized citizen and cast her first ballot. She remembers in the early years after she was lured to the U.S. by freedom and democracy, she found the doctors in the hospital treated poor people like her so nicely, and police would stop their car to allow a group of children to cross the road.

“I thought I was so lucky to be in this country,” Zhao said. But now, that pride of living in the dreamland has been shattered. “If private property is not protected, what does it say about America?” said Zhao. “I know the tenant may be facing hardship. But why do I have to carry it on my shoulder?”

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