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Brooklyn’s new Asian-majority district is expected to have a heated City Council race

“Part of that shift can be explained by concerns over public safety, said Yiatin Chu, president and co-founder of the Asian Wave Alliance, a political advocacy group that lobbied for the new district.

Crime, or public safety – however you want to position it – will still be something that is at the forefront,” Chu said. “I mean, you open most Chinese papers, the local section, and there’s at least one – if not multiple – stories about some assault, some crime, that’s been committed.”


Education and schooling are also sticking points for local Democrats looking to garner more support from Asian voters, particularly for low-income Asian families who rely on the city’s public school system, according to Chu. More Asian parents are rallying for the state to lift its cap on charter schools while others are pushing to see more inclusion of Asian American history in the school curriculum.

“Educational discrimination is a common topic in the Asian community,” Chu said. “Feeling like the school system – from K to 12 through college – is just a system that has put us at a disadvantage.”

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