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AWA Statement on George Santos

May 12, 2023 --- Asian Wave Alliance (AWA) makes endorsements based on evaluating candidates’ positions on issues we believe impact the local Asian American community such as public safety, quality education, and Asian-American Civil Rights. AWA endorsed then-candidate George Santos for Congressional District 3 for the November 2022 election based on publicly available information that was available to us at the time, and like the local Democratic and Republican party we were also surprised to learn about fraudulent claims and activities that was brought to our attention for the first time by the New York Times’ article in December 2022 (post-election) which have since led to his indictment on 13 counts of fraud and money laundering. While our endorsement of George Santos expired after the November election, we would like to make clear that AWA will not consider his candidacy in any future endorsements.

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