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Asian Wave Alliance Testifies in Support for D43

Press Coverage: Brooklyn District Commission Hearing on Sunday August 21 at Medgar Evers College

紐約市議員選區重畫公聽 華社不同調

New York City Councilor's Constituency Redrawing Public Listening to Chinese Communities

布碌崙选区重划听证会 八大道华社交七千请愿书

三分歧:八大道华社要独立 华左要和拉丁裔结盟 拉丁裔不愿和白人合并选区 Brooklyn Redistricting Hearing

Three differences: The Eighth Avenue Chinese Society wants to be independent, the Chinese left wants to ally with Latinos, Latinos do not want to merge constituencies with whites

布碌仑选区重划公听会举行 华裔踊跃参加 Brooklyn constituency redistricting public hearing held

市議會選區重劃公聽會於布碌崙舉行 各界人士就是否保留新43選區抒己見 City Council redistricting public hearing held in Brooklyn

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