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Asian Wave Alliance Says “Just Vote No” on All Four Ballot Proposals; Adds Endorsements for State AG

We urge voters to vote NO on all four ballot proposals on November 8. Our votes will impact our tax burden and could give our city the constitutional justification to discriminate against Asians.

While Asian Wave Alliance cares deeply about the environment and the world we will leave to our children, the “clean water, clean air and green jobs environmental bond act of 2022” (Proposal #1) is the wrong approach. The State wants our permission to take on $4.2 billion in debt instead of making decisions on spending priorities for the environment from our existing state tax revenues. We already pay the highest taxes in the country but they want our permission to borrow so they can tax us more for it later. No thank you.

The three city proposals are leftover policies from former mayor de Blasio and his Equity Commission Task Force. The ballot measures want the City to remedy “past and continuing harms and to reconstruct, revise, and reimagine our …institutions, and laws to promote justice and equity for all New Yorkers.” (Proposal #2) and requires the City to Establish a Racial Equity Office, Plan, and Commission (Proposal #3). Asian Wave Alliance does not support racially divisive policies that aim to “eliminate racial disparities” as we have seen those policies have most often discriminated against the Asian community whether directly or indirectly.

The “true cost of living” measure (Proposal #4) wants the City to exclude the value of subsidies and public assistance in its calculator of providing social services. This will have the intended effect of giving more to those already on welfare and allowing more people to qualify for government funded housing, food and childcare. This measure aids in the redistribution of income and proliferates the financial burden on working and middle class taxpayers, and would trigger another wave of people exiting the City.

We take this opportunity to announce additional endorsements for the November 2022 General Election. Asian Wave Alliance endorses Michael Henry for NY State Attorney General and Paul Rodriguez for NY State Comptroller. Our endorsements for other races including Lee Zeldin for Governor and Alison Esposito for Lt. Governor were released on October 4; the full list can be found on our website:

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