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Asian Wave Alliance Meets with NY City Council Common Sense Caucus on the Migrant Crisis

September 15, 2023 (New York, NY) Asian Wave Alliance (AWA) met with members of the New York City Council Common Sense Caucus on Thursday September 14. The mission of this bipartisan group of council members is to “ensure that New Yorkers are able to enjoy a safe and secure city while receiving the basic, essential services they deserve.” Many of the members have been outspoken on issues that the NYC Asian community cares about the most including crime and public safety on our streets and subways, homeless shelters and borough jails in our residential areas, congestion pricing, upholding merit-based admissions in public schools including keeping the Specialized High School Test, and addressing anti-Asian discrimination and assaults.

At the meeting, we discussed the impact of the migrant crisis on Asian communities in northeast Queens with St. Agnes (College Point), Creedmoor (Queens Village) and the Recreation Center (Sunset Park), and our concerns about neighborhood quality of life and new services needed at our public schools for migrant children. As immigrants ourselves, we agree with the Common Sense Caucus in “upholding established immigration procedures” in fairness to everyone who applied, waited and respected the legal process to be here including hundreds of thousands who are awaiting work visas and family sponsorship paths.

Mayor Adams just announced a 5% budget cut which could escalate to 15% by spring given the exorbitant cost of sheltering migrants in our city. As parents, homeowners and neighbors, we are gravely concerned with potential cuts to public services including policing, sanitation, and after-school programs; all of which will be detrimental to our communities.

Co-Chair of the Caucus, Councilman Robert Holden posted this on X: “Today, members of @NYCCCommonSense met with @Asianwave_org to address pressing concerns faced by the Asian community. Asian Americans are increasingly involved, feeling their elected’s aren't representing them. As a caucus, we're dedicated to advocating for their rights.”

“Today is the beginning of a productive relationship with the Common Sense Caucus. This group of politically moderate electeds align best with the needs and aspirations of NYC’s Asian communities. We hope newly-elected representatives from our Asian districts will join the Caucus to fight for policies that benefit us most.” said Yiatin Chu, president of Asian Wave Alliance.

The Common Sense Caucus includes council members Vickie Paladino, Robert F. Holden, Joann Ariola, Kalman Yeger, Ari Kagan, Inna Vernikov, David Carr and Joseph C. Borelli.


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