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Asian Wave Alliance Congratulates Our Endorsed Candidates in the June 2023 Primary Election

(New York, NY) Congratulations to the winners of NYC’s primary elections who will move on to run in the General Elections in November. Unofficial ranked choice results from the Board of Election as of July 6th showed that five of the six ranked #1 city council races we endorsed had won their primaries. Tony Avella won 51% of the Democratic votes in District 19 (Queens) and will take on incumbent Vickie Paladino in a re-match in November. James Pai won 56% of the Republican votes in District 20 (Queens) and will also be in a re-match with incumbent Sandra Ung. Susan Zhuang won the Democratic primary in District 43 with 58.5% of the votes on election night. Ying Tan won the Republican primary with 50.9% or 33 more votes than Vito LaBella. In a statement released today, LaBella says he will continue his run for District 43 as the Conservative Party candidate on the November ballot. In District 47, Ari Kagan swept the Republican primary with 75.6% of the votes on election night and will run against fellow incumbent council member Justin Brannan; both council members were drawn into the same district in last year’s redistricting. We are disappointed that our endorsed candidates in Manhattan’s District 1 did not prevail; Susan Lee garnered 30.8% of the Democratic votes. While George Grasso did not win the Democratic primary for the Queens DA race, he will continue his challenge for this seat on the Public Safety line on the November ballot.

“I am thrilled that almost all the candidates Asian Wave Alliance endorsed are moving forward to the general election in November. We take pride that our nonpartisan political club endorsed in all the relevant races throughout the city to help Asian Democrats and Republican voters make more informed decisions. By focusing on policies and issues, not only are we helping Asian voters be more discerning but it also helps candidates better understand our priorities especially when they get elected to office.” said Yiatin Chu, president of Asian Wave Alliance.

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