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Asian Wave Alliance Announces Endorsements for the June Primary

June 6, 2022 (New York, NY) Asian Wave Alliance endorses candidates in key races where Asian representation is important. In the governor race, we endorse Tom Suozzi for the Democratic primary and Lee Zeldin for the Republican primary. In the state Assembly races with primaries, we endorse Ethan Felder for AD28, Ramón Cando for AD30 and Kenneth Chiu for AD40 – all districts in Queens. We endorse Erik Frankel for AD51 in Brooklyn and Denny Salas for AD65 in lower Manhattan.

The endorsement process consisted of completing AWA Candidate Questionnaires, candidate’s public comments and voting records when available, and meeting with us and taking part in our forums. Club members deliberated and cast their votes; majority votes in each race earned the club’s endorsement.

Amy Tse, treasurer and co-founder said “We are pleased to complete our first club endorsements. Our Questionnaire reflected issues that matter to our community the most and we are glad candidates were earnestly sharing their positions with us.”

“Asian Wave Alliance did the work. New Yorkers can vote for our endorsed candidates with confidence knowing the candidates align with the priorities of Asian families - public safety, high quality public education, economic prosperity and concern for immigrant struggles.” says Yiatin Chu, President of Asian Wave Alliance.

The primary election for governor and other statewide races, and for the state Assembly, will be held on June 28th. We urge voters to turn out and support our endorsed candidates.

This year, a second primary election will take place on August 23rd for the US Congress and state Senate. Asian Wave Alliance will share endorsements for key races in July.

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