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Asian Wave Alliance Announces Endorsements for the August 2022 Primary

August 5, 2022 (New York, NY) Asian Wave Alliance endorses candidates in key races where Asian representation is important. For US Congressional races, we endorse Joshua Lafazan for the NY3 Democratic Primary (Queens/Nassau), Maud Maron for the NY10 Democratic Primary (Manhattan/Brooklyn) and Nicole Malliotakis for the NY11 Republican Primary (Brooklyn/Staten Island).

For the New York State Senate Democratic primaries, we endorse Joseph Addabbo for the SD15 (Queens), Danyela Souza Egorov for SD27 (Manhattan), Maria Danzilo for SD47 and Elizabeth Crowley for SD59 (Queens/Brooklyn/Manhattan).

The endorsement process consisted of completing AWA Candidate Questionnaires, reviewing candidate’s public comments, voting records when available, and meeting with us and taking part in our forums. Club members deliberated and cast their votes; majority votes in each race earned the club’s endorsement.

“We founded Asian Wave Alliance to help voters make informed decisions. I am confident we endorsed candidates who align best with the priorities of our Asian American communities on public safety, inflation and tax relief, access to equal opportunities in education, and quality of life in our neighborhoods. Because of the chaotic redistricting, the anticipated low turnout for this second primary in August for the Congressional and State Senate races makes it all the more critical that we go to the polls and cast our votes.” says Yiatin Chu, President of Asian Wave Alliance.

Yi Fang Chen, First Vice President and co-founder added, "While we are excited to see more Asian American candidates running and highly supportive of this, I am pleased we focused on the platforms, positions, and experience of the candidates who will best represent our concerns, and endorsed accordingly. We need to not only be more engaged in our democracy but also be more discerning in who we support.”

The election for these Congressional and State Senate races will be on August 23. We urge voters to turn out and support our endorsed candidates.

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