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Asian Wave Alliance Announces Endorsements for the 2023 NYC General Election

October 26, 2023 (New York, NY) Asian Wave Alliance is pleased to announce our endorsements for the 2023 NYC General Elections. The city council races we took on this year include districts that have significant Asian constituencies and where we believe the Asian vote would be meaningful to influence electoral outcomes. AWA’s goals are to increase Asian political engagement and attain authentic representation to affect legislation, resource allocation, and constituent services, regardless of party affiliation.

The 2023 election uses new district lines from redistricting last year; a process done every ten years to make adjustments for population and demographic changes. Asian Wave Alliance advocated extensively for the creation of a new Asian-majority district in Brooklyn, District 43. Yi Fang Chen, Vice President of AWA and Brooklyn community leader, said “Asian Wave Alliance fought hard to have this new Asian majority district in Brooklyn. We are fortunate to have three candidates running for this seat whose platforms align well with the communities’ priorities: crime, education, and quality of life.”

Yiatin Chu, President of Asian Wave Alliance added, “Several closely watched races this year have significant Asian constituencies. That’s a good thing for Asian New Yorkers and frankly, all New Yorkers. Supporting outspoken incumbents who deliver for our community and uplifting common sense challengers is how we can affect change on this 51-member council.”

Eligible New Yorkers have until October 28th to register to vote. The early voting period is October 28th through November 5th; Election Day is Tuesday, November 7th. We urge all voters to participate in this important local election.

June 2023 Primary Election Endorsements

District 19: Vickie Paladino

District 20: Yu-Ching James Pai

District 23: Bernard Chow District 30: Robert Holden

District 38: Paul Rodriguez

District 43: Susan Zhuang

District 47: Ari Kagan


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